Hump Daaaayeee

Checking back in.  Monday I didn’t read. Tuesday I read but didn’t get off my ass, in fact, the opposite. I was so tired on the way home I dragged myself to the grocery store and then immediately went home to sleep for an hour. I have a follow-up doctor’s appointment that I hope will finally give me a bit more clarity on what kind of shit I should be doing to take care of myself (most of this is common sense IMO) but the doctor is a naturopath and has been giving me very specific supplements.

Case in point I’ve been taking magnesium for atleast two years, and apparently I still have a magnesium deficiency, so she hooked me up with a supplement that I hope is actually doing something. -_-

I just hopped back on to finish this. It’s 8:30 and legit, I could go to sleep right now. But I’ve been successful at a bunch of other things today. In spite of only having like 4 days left at my job I’m still plowing through a ton of stuff (organizing files I’ve created so they’re easier to find, helping to retool the job description for the person they’ll need to hire to replace me, editing a bunch of stuff other people wrote today, working through a big guide/paper I’d started before I resigned). I also managed to remember to grab a package from the post office this morning before work, successfully offload our old bed through bulk trash pickup, pick up dinner to feed me and the kid without violating my dietary goals and drink like 90 ounces of water.

I got my new Fitbit watch yesterday. Having invested in the digital nanny I hope wearing it reminds me to drink water, get off my ass, log what I’m eating just to be mindful of it. Though I’m hoping mainly to use it as an exercise tracker once I’ve given my body a week or so to adjust to the wicked sugar reduction. Can we talk about how last night it was screaming at me about how I needed to eat 40 pieces of toast and a bucket of chocolate for NO REASON because I wasn’t hungry. FFS. The sugar struggle is real.

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