A Bio of Sorts

I’ve blogged forever. Livejournal. Friendster. Myspace. Blogspot. Facebook. Medium for a hot minute.

I write to process, to rant, to share, to unburden myself, to make other people laugh, to remember exactly how I felt about something before it’s gone.

Weird chick. Partnered outlier. Ex-wife, sister, daughter, and aunt. Amateur potter. Mediocre photographer. Above-average cook. Macabre-obsessed. Goth-industrial-ebm kid. Hiker, reader, writer, music fanatic. Space geek. Horror fan. Appreciator of art. Tattoo collector. Drinker of small batch coffee and fine spirits. Pursuer of all manner of anything I find interesting, useful or compelling. Retired footballer (the european kind). Kettlebell lifter, paddler (kayak), hiker, sometimes yogi and backpacker. Nature lover, beach goth, nerdy tech employee.


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