Caution, this may be habit forming

Or you hope. I’m sure out there in the wide world of the interweb there’s an article on some helpful self-improvement themed website that tells me how long I have to do something before it becomes second nature. Or wait is that a Japanese cultural thing that I read about somewhere

I think lately I’m attempting that with so many things they were getting diluted. The financial, the nutritional, the psychological (and massively personal) and the fitness. ¬†IMPROVE ALL THE THINGS.

So the financial is rolling. There’s nothing to convince me of (for myself) or the audience (if they’re participating). We are trucking along, honing our grocery shopping skills, getting better at packing lunches, not eating out, but still every weekend feels fun and busy with cool things and we’re 16% of the way through a year and it’s not easy, but it’s no longer something I’m psychologically obsessing about at every turn. I knew that our transition to spending less money wouldn’t be that challenging since we’re surrounded by a derth of kick ass people who share our interests. It’s just keeping the momentum going.

Psychological is obviously more nuanced and multifaceted. I will say that part of the momentum for staying on top of getting the fuck out of debt is that being financially free, untethered to bills leaves so many other possibilities open. You don’t owe anyone anything, so you can theoretically *do* whatever you want. The consequences of becoming a gypsy are less dire. It’s a real driving influence sometimes. Like this weekend, when we managed to get out of town for a few days, to eat and sight-see and just be. There’s no groceries to buy or laundry to fold, and I can spend two hours walking around outside in a cemetery taking photos. It’s liberating. Not just to break out of the routine but to be reminded to force yourself to do so in every day life when the opportunity presents itself. It’s kind of an unnatural tendency for most people, to push yourself to chase after new things, but it really helps strip away the bullshit most of the time. The rest of the facets, eh… I’m not sure I’m game to expose all of those parts here. But it’s more deliberate upheaval, all with positive changes in mind, so things just to evaluate rather than to lament. Onward, upward, etc…

And finally… nutritional. After a mini vacation that included three days of unadulterated gluttony, I’m back at work and back directly on the wagon. No coffee (I can’t drink it w/o diabeeeetus level sugar), no sugar, massive vegetables, water and fats/protein. Minimal to no fruit – mainly berries. Maintaining¬†around 50g of carbohydrates, get into ketosis and get rid of this extra bullshit fat weight that has insidiously added itself to my person. A 1000 mile journey begins with a single step, yadda yadda, so fucking grouchy.